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5 Star Review – Acceptable Lies

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Review by Kara
(via Inked Rainbow Reads)

Review: So I have always loved historical books and the way this author wrote this story was perfect!
… this was such a sweet story and the steamy scenes between William and Daniel were so damn hot!
The way this author wrote this time period and the characters (which I really loved both William and Daniel) was amazing!
So I will leave this review with…I really loved this story and would definitely recommend it!

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads.



Prism Book Alliance rated it 4 Stars
4 April 2016   Review by: J J

Excerpt*** Blackmail, a mysterious young man washed on a beach, secrets and lies… Well, yes, Acceptable Lies does have all this, however be warned, it’s not a mystery as such. It’s very much a romance.
…a light, easy romantic read with likeable characters.

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4 Heart Review – Acceptable Lies

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Boy Meets Boy Reviews rated it 4 Hearts – March 6, 2016
Review by: Chelsea

A Gay For You Historical!!! That was unexpected and surprisingly


William is an Earl (yes! Hot, right?) who finds Daniel washed up and unconscious on a beach. He notices Daniel’s beauty instantly and that attraction turns to lust, which turns to friendship as they start to get to know each other which obviously all leads up to a HEA.
The attraction turned lust is where this book is special. The build up and sexual tension between Daniel and William is insanely hot! Both GFYs and historicals are typically high on the tension, due to the tabooness of the relationship and well…virginity, but adding them both together… Damn!

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